Anonymous said:
I just want to love you, but you would probably kill me if I touched you. *grabby hands*

"More than likely. I’m not fond of touch, and so very few are allowed to touch me.”

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Anonymous said:
Would you rather bang Banner or Stark?

That is hardly character development, or worth mention. Your answer, however, is neither. 

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                          ❝Well, aren’t you just
                                          the perceptive one…❞

"You oughtn’t to take it out on me.”

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the-harbinger-of-sorrow said:
What is Liege's favorite scent? Drink (alcoholic and non)? Worst memory?

favorite scent: the scent of pine tree-filled, snow-covered forests.
favorite drink: gin and tonic; non-alcoholic is tea.
worst memory: it’s verse-dependent, but usually has something to do with thanos.

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Anonymous said:
Paper or plastic? *that's it, that's your character development question*


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Character development time! Give me some interesting questions about my character and I will answer.

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heros-quandary said:



Send me a ♀♂ for a starter with my genderbent muse.

"Steve —- I’m bored. Tell me a story.”


"What kind of story do you want?"

"One that soothes my nerves.”

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heros-quandary said:
Send me a ♀♂ for a starter with my genderbent muse.

"Steve —- I’m bored. Tell me a story.”

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Send me a ♀♂ for a starter with my genderbent muse.

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' To become a star after death? I sometimes wish
my fate were so. But alas, my people, when we die
our souls are sent to the halls of Mandos where we
dwell a while until we are given another form and
sent to Valinor. In some cases, we are even sent back
to Middle Earth if there is a task we must complete. ‘
Elves truly were the deathless — for even after death
they were not truly dead. They would simply regain
their bodies and go where they were meant to from
the very beginning, when the sundering of the elves
had started in the first age. 

                          ☓┋ █ ᴀᴅ ᴀsᴛʀᴀ;

"It sounds as if even your dead do not die.
I cannot speak for my blood; I am not of my
brothers’s blood, and not of his father’s. I do not
know if we die.” There’s a note of melancholy
to his voice, but it sits for just a moment, and when
he speaks next, it’s in a bright, sweet tone. “Ah — !
We are here,” he purrs, leading Legolas into the
strikingly lush, wonderfully scented gardens which 
seem to stretch on for miles, and just might. Above
them stretch the branches of green things, of trees
and plants native to Asgard; to their right and left,
the path they walk on is lined with flowers and bushes
and all sorts of plants Legolas likely had never seen 

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